13 Most Waited Family Movies To Watch Out For In 2017

13 Top Family Movies to watch out for in 2017 Cover Image

Have you ever felt the need for a handy guide that will keep you updated with the new movie releases so that you don’t miss any? We heard your wish and present you with a list of kids’ movies to watch in 2017.

Action-packed thrillers or comical, animated ones, the theatres are packed with some great movies for kids every now and then. Do you find it difficult to remain updated with all the releases? Well, we’re here to help you out.

Here are top 13 Family Movies of 2017 that you must watch. Check it out!

1. Smurfs the Lost Village

What happens when Smurfette and her friends find out there are indeed more Smurfs out there in a hidden village? Will the adventure be exciting, scary or plain dangerous? Find out in this extremely gripping movie.

Releasing on April 21, 2017




2. Richard the Stork

Richard wants to migrate with other Storks in winter. The only problem, he’s not a Stork but a sparrow! However, he’s firm in his beliefs and stages a plan to migrate come what may. Watch his hilarious attempts this May.

Releasing on May 7, 2017





3. Despicable Me 3

Balthazar Bratt is a child star who’s obsessed with his star image and then goes to meet his successful twin brother who plans to steal the diamonds from Bratt. The plot thickens with Gru’s face off with Bratt. Watch this engrossing thriller movie that seems to get better with every sequel.

Releasing on 30th June, 2017.




4. Cars 3

Lightning McQueen gets badly beaten at the race track by an upcoming hi-tech car. Will the legendary race-queen retire now or make a stunning comeback? Find out in this thrilling but comedy drama by the Pixar-Disney duo.

Releasing on June 16, 2017



5. My Little Pony

The magical town of Ponyville is facing a threat and it falls on the pretty shoulders of the “Mane 6” to journey beyond their own home of Equestria to save Ponyville. Watch this absolutely adorable musical story about friendship. There’s also an original song by Sia in there!

Releasing on October 6, 2017




6. Ferdinand

He looks dangerous and beastly, this Ferdinand, a bull who’s also captured and taken away from his family. However, he’s absolutely gentle at heart and cannot hurt a fly. What happens, then, when he decides to return home with the help of an unlikely team? Find out in this super cute movie this December.

Releasing on 15 December, 2017



7. Captain Underpants

George and Harold, two imaginative pranksters hypnotize their school principal into becoming a  superhero of their own comic series, Captain Underpants. The captain who’s quite a dimwit sets out, along with the pranksters, to save the world from being destroyed by a mad scientist. Don’t miss this movie with its comical twists and turns. Releasing on June 2, 2017





Miguel aspires to become a musician like his idol despite his family’s generation old ban on music. And, in the quest of his dreams, he lands up in the land of the dead. Spooky? Perhaps, there’s more to Miguel’s family history too. Let’s find out this November.

Releasing on November 22, 2017.



9. Spider-man: Homecoming

After a stunning debut as an Avenger in Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker tries to balance his identity as the friendly neighborhood Spiderman and as the all mighty Avengers along with balancing a high school life. Find out what’s in store for our own Spiderman.

Releasing on July 7, 2017.



10. The Lego-Ninjago Movie

Six teenagers go on to become the “Ninjas” who ride the bikes and dragons with equal aplomb and fight the monsters to keep the city of Ninjago and its capital free from danger. There’s just a slight twist, one of the Ninjas is a warlord’s son. Now, does it get any better?

Releasing on 22 September, 2017.



11. My Pet Dinosaur

A dinosaur for a pet? Yes, accidentally through an experiment, Jake meet his new secret pet that keeps growing rapidly enough to spill the beans out. Before long Jake realizes that there’s something more mysterious than the little dinosaur in his house. We’re surely intrigued!




12. Monster Trucks

Bored and frustrated with his family life, Tripp, a high school lad, builds a monster truck from bits of scrap. Meanwhile, at a fracking site, a strange subterranean creature escapes out. Tripp meets this creature that feasts on oil and is super fast and together embark on a roller-coaster of an adventure.




Spark, a teenage monkey vows to avenge a warlord who had destroyed his family and home planet. Will Spark along with his friends succeed in defeating the villain who is scheming to unleash a space monster that would create black holes? Let’s find out!




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