Side Hustle Ideas For Work From Home – 12 Legit Options!

If you're in need of side hustle ideas for those times when work at your primary job is not reliable, this post provides a list of 12 legit companies.

In the work at home world, we call our multiple work from home money earners our “eggs.” This post is going to cover various work at home “eggs” or side hustle ideas you can use to make money when work at your main job dries up. And if you’ve been working at home for any length of time, then you know this happens on occasion!

It’s never a good idea to rely on just one job as a home-based worker, because you never know what’s going to happen. I’ve personally been in positions before where the company laid off/fired all or most workers, the work disappeared or became so scarce you could no longer rely on it, and the rate of pay suddenly dropped to such a small amount it was no longer worth my time to do the work available. So you’ve got to be prepared.

These are all good side jobs to make extra money, even if nothing particularly bad is going on with your current job.

I polled my readers on Facebook a while back and asked around on forums to find out what sites and various industries most people use for back up work. These were some of the specific sites mentioned.

Note – Some of these are just extra money things, and some possibly amount to part time home based jobs.

Side Hustle Ideas – 12 Legit Options

Boost CTR

This is a site you can register with and write ads. It’s not too difficult, and you don’t have to be a professional writer or even a professional copywriter to write the ads. If you’ll notice, most ads you see online are really short. The ads you write for Boost CTR need to be catchy and attention-grabbing, but fortunately not lengthy. And you can get better at it with practice.

Go here to read more about BoostCTR or here to sign up.


One reader on Facebook said that Pleio has been a decent “egg” for her. This is work at home helping people with medication reminders, and it is phone work so you’ll need a quiet background while you do the calls if you decide to apply and get hired.

Go here to read more about Pleio or here to submit your application.


Another reader on Facebook said that she loves working at Lifebushido and that it keeps her busy enough she doesn’t really need to look for anything else. I’m not sure if this would count as a back up job since it requires so much time, but wanted to mention it anyway since it was a response I got and I have written about it here.

Go here to read more about Lifebushido or here to register.


This is a work from home position for people who would like to teach non-English speakers how to speak conversational English. Basically you do the work via webcam, interacting with people who have the Cambly app installed. You do not need any professional experience, but you do need to be a native speaker of English.

Go here to learn more about Cambly or here to sign up.

Fancy Hands

Many people suggested Fancy Hands, and it’s a site I have used myself. Basically this is task-based virtual assisting. Each task pays a different amount, and you might doing anything from checking to see if a store is open for someone to reserving airline tickets.

Go here to read about Fancy Hands or here to sign up.


This is transcription work, and it’s ideal for transcription newbies because the work is pretty easy and you don’t need any real experience to get in. You just have to pass a test. This is one company that has been around for a long time, and I’ve never heard anything bad about them. The pay is low so most people only rely on it for extra money.

Go here to read more about Quicktate or here to sign up.

Slice the Pie

This is another one that I personally keep on the back burner for extra money, and it was mentioned by a few people I polled. It’s very easy — you just listen to snippets of songs and then rate/review them in a few sentences. You can get paid once you have earned $10 and they pay out on Tuesdays and Fridays. Again, just extra money, but if you stay pretty active you should be able to cash out often enough for regular small cash to come in.

Go here to read more about Slice the Pie or here to register.


I admit this has been a go-to site for extra money for me for quite some time. You get paid to write articles for Textbroker’s many clients. It’s not hard to get accepted at all, but unfortunately unless you can get bumped up to a 4-star writer, there’s not much work to do. But Textbroker does pay every single week on Friday and I’ve found the writing to be pretty easy.

Go here to learn more about Textbroker or here to sign up as a writer.

Amazon MTurk

This is a short task site with a variety of work available at any given time. You can find everything from data entry to transcription and even some article writing. I have used this site myself many times in the past and occasionally like to log on and do a few small jobs. For some this is just extra money but there are many people who get more than just extra out of it.

Go here to learn more about Amazon Mechanical Turk or here to sign up.


My personal experience with Clickworker is very limited, but this one gets mentioned quite frequently on the forums and also from my followers on Facebook. It’s task-based work. The pay varies depending on the project you’re doing.

Go here to read more about Clickworker or here to register.


Work from home reviewing calls for Humanatic. Basically you listen to recorded phone conversations and tag them according to whether or not it was a sales call or something else. I’ve done this a little and the pay is extremely low (less than $5 an hour for me), but it’s kind of fun and I used to like to hop on and review calls here and there in between other work. It adds up over time, and they do pay out weekly.

Go here to read more about Humanatic or here to register.


So many people are listing side gigs on Fiverr and earning income. For many, it’s just a little extra money here and there. But for others, Fiverr pays the bills! If you don’t know what to list there, see this post with ideas for what to sell on Fiverr. I also got some Fiverr pro-tips in another post after interviewing people who have managed to earn money with the site.

Go here to try it.

Best Types of Jobs for Fill-In/Back Up Work at Home

The best type of back up work at home job is almost always going to be something flexible so that you can pick it up or drop it as needed depending on how things are going with other work you do. Freelance writing is always very flexible and so is transcription. These are additionally two fields you can break into with little to no experience.

A person on my Facebook page also suggested mystery shopping as a good industry to get involved in for side money. While mystery shopping isn’t done at home — with the exception of telephone mystery shopper work – it is very flexible, independent work.

For more help on finding back up work, browse these other sections of my website:

As always, I’m open to more suggestions. Please comment below with the side hustle ideas that have worked for you!

P.S. – Looking for more than just a back-up work at home job? If so, I recommend getting a membership at FlexJobs, one of the most popular job search sites focused on flexible and/or telecommuting companies. They guarantee their listings to be scam-free as well. I’ve had my membership for over a year.

This post was originally published in May of 2013. Updated and re-published for April 2017.

Last Updated: Thursday, April 27, 2017

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